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Short-sighted cuts threaten rise in youth crime

The Tory-led Government’s latest attack is on teams who tackle serious youth offending, risking a rise in youth crime in London.  Youth offending teams work with young people who are involved in serious crime including gun, knife and gang-related violence.  … Continue reading

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Labour councils can help shape the party’s new agenda

The Labour Local Government conference meets this weekend in London with councils facing the most severe cuts since the Second World War. The cuts are front-loaded so councils have less chance to reduce spending in a careful and measured way, … Continue reading

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“Dead Man Walking”: Lib Dems face electoral oblivion after Barnsley

I know we’re not supposed to celebrate the end of the Liberal Democrats while the corpse is still moving, but after their historic collapse in the Barnsley by-election this week the prognosis for their continued survival doesn’t look too healthy. … Continue reading

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