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Labour protects frontline services as protests rage against Government funding cuts

 This is the speech I gave at the Council’s budget-setting meeting last night. The meeting was held in private after a group of protesters – some of them genuinely concerned residents, but some of them left-wing agitators – stormed … Continue reading

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“Council leader was right to blow whistle on Tory defector” says Evening Standard

I reproduce below an article published today by the Evening Standard, written by journalist Ross Lydell, about a hearing into a complaint by former councillor Betty Evans-Jacas, who defected from Labour to the Conservatives in October 2009. Cllr Steve Reed: … Continue reading

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Why are the Tories badmouthing Lambeth’s children?

Yesterday in the House of Commons Tory-Lib Dem Education Secretary Michael Gove stood up and maligned Lambeth’s children. He damned local children’s success in exams, claiming that no child in Lambeth had achieved three A-levels at grade A including maths and … Continue reading

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The ghosts of the past return as Lib Dem-Tories cut Lambeth’s funding

Last night Lambeth’s Labour cabinet agreed a draft budget for the coming year. The proposals will now go forward to a full council meeting in February where the final decision will be taken. The Tory-led Government, backed up by Liberal … Continue reading

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Lib Dem tactics over cuts: “set traps and sow confusion”

Lambeth’s Lib Dem boss has been touring London training Lib Dem councillors how to run cynical campaigns that blame Labour for his own Government’s cuts. At a secret session in Islington that Lib Dem councillor Ashley Lumsden helped run, party members … Continue reading

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